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Anchor Center for Blind Children offers Infant, Toddler and Preschool Programs. The programs serve young children birth through five years who are blind or visually impaired and their families. The staff includes teachers of the visually impaired; speech, occupational, physical and music therapists; a family resource coordinator, developmental psychology consultant and teaching assistants.

Infant and Toddler services are provided twice a week at Anchor Center for Blind Children with additional services provided through home visits. Infants, toddlers and family members attend classes together. During the classes, families learn how to play with and enjoy their children by modeling activities done by the staff. Activities for infants include music and practice of motor skills like rolling over, sitting, and crawling; while toddlers enjoy activities such as stories, music, snack time and use of the playground to promote socialization, verbal and motor development.

The Preschool Program meets three times per week for four hours each day. Curriculum includes orientation/mobility (cane training), pre-Braille and Braille instruction, self-help activities such as dressing (hats, mittens, jackets), table manners (please/thank you, proper use of utensils/napkin) and toilet training. Speech/language, occupational, physical and music therapies along with vision/mobility training are incorporated into the activities of all the programs. In addition, pre-literacy activities actively prepare children for their next level of educational experience usually in their local public school.

Home visits are an integral part of Anchor Center for Blind Children's programs and services. Many children either live too far away or are medically unable to attend center-based programs. In this case, a teacher of the visually impaired visits children in their homes. The primary goal of home visitation is to help families learn the best ways to enhance sensory experiences and learning for their child.